Earn 100 free FarmVille Farm Cash when you order from Pro Flowers

Pro Flowers
Pro Flowers

Why not kill two birds with one web order this Valentine's Day? The most recent FarmVille Sponsored Link lets you do just that. Just click on the link below the FarmVille game screen that reads, "Send Valentine's Flowers, get 100 Free Farm Cash!" From there accept the pop-up window and start ordering.

There's no mention of a minimum amount spent, so feel free to spend as little or as much as you want for the lovely missus. But don't skimp out too much--I'm sure she deserves something nice for putting up with your rampant digital farming. Once you're done making the order, give it a half hour before the 100 big ones post to your FarmVille account. Believe me, she's going to be much more impressed by this than that Unwither Ring you were mulling over.

[Via FarmVille Freak]

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