FarmVille: Celebrate Groundhog Day with a real Groundhog!

Ok, so this is only about as "real" as we're going to get in a virtual sense, but if you're in the mood to celebrate Groundhog Day in FarmVille, you'll be happy to know that Zynga has updated the game this evening with a single Groundhog Day item - appropriately enough, this is a Groundhog decorative animal, sitting next to a tree stump.

Again, this Groundhog is purely decorative - it can't be harvested from. However, it does hold onto the premium price of the real animals that released in the game, as you'll be able to purchase the Groundhog for 18 Farm Cash. You'll receive 1800 experience points for purchasing the Groundhog, which will only be available in the game for 13 days.

It's unknown right now whether or not Zynga will release other Groundhog Day themed items, but if not, make sure to grab this little fella to have something to remember the holiday by (that is, if you care).

Will you purchase the Groundhog in FarmVille? Would you if it were available for coins instead? Let us know in the comments.