Addicted to FarmVille? That's against the law in China, for some

farmville addict? it's illegal in china, sorta

We've all heard the shocking stories of people's addiction to FarmVille and other online games. China's government is attempting to quell this type of behavior by introducing a new Gaming Addiction law, which orders companies who make online video games to enable parents to monitor their children's play sessions as well as a way to restrict 'inappropriate' video game playing.

The China's Ministry of Public Security and seven other governmental departments issued a joint proclamation earlier this week and says that all online gaming companies must comply by March 1, less than a month away.

The document recommends that kids spend less than two hours a week playing online games and spend less than $1.50 on online games per month. If parents want to restrict their kids' gaming time, they will need to prove their identity and then be able to put daily or weekly restrictions on their kids' playing time (or ban it altogether).

Chinese citizens seem skeptical that the new law will really work, calling the law 'unnecessary' and 'a government gesture rather than an efficient solution.'

While it's good that parents will be able to better monitor their children's online gaming time, it'll be interesting to see if the new law will really deter game addiction. Considering that people who play FarmVille and other online games are largely teens and adults, seems like this legislation is only hitting a tiny segment of the population who might be susceptible to this type of destructive behavior.

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