A Comedian's View: Seven Things You Better Not Give for Valentine's Day

Humorist and author Gina Barreca - valentine
Humorist and author Gina Barreca - valentine

As humorist and author of "It's Not That I'm Bitter," Gina Barreca (right) puts it, Valentine's Day is ripe for wrong turns, especially if you're attempting to cover your bases on a budget. Here are her helpful hints about what to avoid in the gift department, with the caveat that these rules apply to everyone except George Clooney, who, she says, could open a can of lentils over the sink for her V-Day dinner and she'd find herself thinking "How did George know this is what I've always wanted!?"

Gina offers seven rules for what to avoid in your Valentine gift-gifting, even when on a budget.