Zynga, LOLapps, TrialPay to make earning Facebook Credits simple

CityVille TrialPay
TrialPay has been around for some time. You may have noticed it before when buying Farm Cash from Zynga's FarmVIlle or currency from another game as an alternative to paying up. But now, TrialPay has worked with both the number one developer and up-and-coming LOLapps to make earning Facebook Credits easier for players, Inside Social Games reports. No longer is the option to try out products for Credits buried beneath the direct payment options, but in a tab just above CityVille or beneath the game window of Ravenwood Fair.
Ravenwood Fair Frictionless
Players can simply click on the link or tab and be taken to a list of offers with the amount of virtual cash at stake plainly displayed. While CityVille and Ravenwood Fair are two of the first games to introduce this option, there will likely be more if it takes off. And with Facebook Credits becoming mandatory in July, you better believe that this will become more popular. Another feature that LOLapps is taking on with its RavenWood Fair is Frictionless Credits. This allows you to spend a small amount of your Facebook Credits without seeing any confirmation. Sound shady? That's because it is, but LOLapps CEO Arjun Sethi claims, "We thought a lot of people might do it by accident, but no one's had any issues with it," according to Inside Social Games.

Alright, so maybe these are ploys to get you to inadvertently spend money on virtual goods. But wouldn't you rather buy a subscription to People magazine and get 176 City Cash (or soon Facebook Credits) rather than just pay for 176 City Cash? We thought so. Just remember to keep track of those subscriptions--they're known to get out of hand.

[Image Credit: Inside Social Games]

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