Zynga livens up newsfeed spam with double entendres

Treasure Isle overstuffed chest booty
It seems that someone at Zynga has been making out with the Blarney Stone since last summer, turning the much-hated and normally insipid Facebook wall posts into fun-loving blurbs of witty puns and double entendres. FrontierVille, especially, loves to talk dirty to players. This is followed closely by Treasure Isle, which sometimes says the darndest things.
Libe's overstuffed chest
We've rounded up all the Zynga newsfeed amusements we could find for your viewing pleasure, so even those of you who don't play the games can judge for yourselves. See some of the most LOL-worthy (and groan-inducing) ones below:
FrontierVille huge taters and udders
Huge taters and excellent udders? Zynga sure knows how to compliment a pioneering gal!
FrontierVille Cowgirl Bess
As part of the "Sure Beats Wrasslin' Steers fer a Livin'" goals, dear ol' Frontier Jack is letting his niece Bess work on your farm. So what do you know about her? She's a redheaded, broken-hearted cowgirl who might have her eyes on Hank while she's shacking up in your barn. Oh, and apparently, she's "Udderly Fantastic!" (there goes that word again...), which I guess, means she's, well, really fantastic...
FrontierVille got wood from neighbors
Isn't that illegal in most states?
FrontierVille Hank has two mighty sacks
Hey look -- those sacks sparkle in the sunlight!
FrontierVille big suds
All the better to shave Hank's Mighty Sacks with.
FrontierVille hard wood
C'mon -- she needs it to finish the dance floor. Perv.
FrontierVille getting business with cousin
It's time for business cuz it's business time.

FrontierVille inseam
Yeah, Monique says you've got a great ... inseam.
FrontierVille wet and wild
Monique must've tried to swim in the water tower again. I mean, what other explanation is there?
FrontierVille pumpkins going soft
Monique needs some help, stat!
FrontierVille pelt you with beaver
If you are offended by animal cruelty, there is a different way to look at this. And on a related note...
FrontierVille shake hands with beef
...this handshake scenario probably has nothing to do with cattle.

Here are some honorable mentions from other Zynga games:
Cafe World filling his drawers
From Cafe World, which says David needs a bit of help in the sizing department.
Treasure Isle snow ball in the face
From Treasure Isle, and if you get it, congrats, you win our 'Dirty Mind' award. If you don't get it, consult Google.

Isn't it great that instead of playing dirty and talking nice, Zynga now plays nice and talks dirty? Next up! Pin-ups of FrontierVille's Miss Fanny Wildcat. RAWR! Who has the hots for teach? Ok, I kid. I kid.
FrontierVille Miss Fanny Wildcat
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