Four Year Old Girl on a Motorcycle [video]

Four Year Old Indian Girl on Motorcycle

Screencapture from YouTube video

If you hail from a country other than the United States or traveled to other parts of the world then today's video may not come as much of a surprise to you. Here we have a four year old Indian girl taking what looks like her father out for a spin on the family motorcycle. Someone better get her autograph. She zips around like the next Danica Patrick on a motorcycle and she does it with style. You have to love the shades.

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I have seen whole families riding a motorcycle down a busy street, weaving in and out of traffic without showing any level of concern about their safety. Not one of them wears a helmet or any protective riding gear. The oldest of the siblings rides in front of Dad who has Mom sitting behind in side saddle with the youngest on her lap.

I am a father of a two and a half year old daughter and I can safely say that she will not be driving me around on a motorcycle like that any time soon. However, I'll be happy to go for a spin with her down a dirt road with full protection on away from the prying eyes of the overprotective.

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