Toni Braxton's Atlanta House Faces Foreclosure


Toni Braxton, six-time Grammy winner, is facing the loss of yet another home to foreclosure. Despite having filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection in September, the Los Angeles bankruptcy court on Friday lifted the ban protecting her Duluth, Ga., home in the Sugarloaf Country Club community. Her upcoming We TV reality series, apparently is not enough to save her.

U.S. Bank argued that there's no equity in the property, plus Braxton, pictured left in center, doesn't own the property since it's in the name of a trust, reported the Wall Street Journal.

U.S. Bank said Braxton owes the full $1.5 million on her mortgage and that the property itself is appraised at $1.2 million. Braxton took out the mortgage from Wells Fargo Bank in 2004, but the debt was later transferred.