Most Valuable 'To Go' Pizza for Super Bowl Parties

Compae and Contrast pizza
Compae and Contrast pizza

Who's going to win the Super Bowl? It's a valid question, and the answer better be the Packers (no offense to my fellow Chicagoans or Steelers fans). But there's a more valid question for Super Bowl Sunday -- what are you going to eat?

Pizza is, naturally, a perfect choice. Easy to eat while watching the TV. Plus it can feed a lot of people (or provide a lot of leftovers) and it's pretty cheap, perfect for all you armchair quarterbacks still in college.

But guys, this is the Super Bowl. You need a pizza fit for champions. So one joyous Friday night, Compare and Contrast ordered up large half-pep, half-sausage pies on hand-tossed crust from the big three national pizza chains -- Domino's, Papa John's and Pizza Hut -- to find the best-tasting pizza for the price. It's not as good as making your own pizza at home, but it's a lot easier.