Meet Josh Altman, the Newest 'Million Dollar Listing' Star

josh altman in jacket and jeans
josh altman in jacket and jeans

OK, we have the drop-dead gorgeous Madison Hildebrand who revealed on national TV that he's gay so now he gets fan mail from both sexes; the scruffy-bearded Josh Flagg who's best friends with his grandma who brought polyester to America; and now we have Josh Altman -- a.k.a The Shark.

Welcome to season four of Bravo's "Million Dollar Listing," which premieres Feb. 3, and is expected to top more than 1.2 million viewers per episode this season as the three rock stars of the high-end real estate world clash, close deals and clink glasses to celebrate -- only generally not with one another.

Tensions between the three are expected to be a large part of this season's drama. Truth is, the three of them are cut from distinctively different cloths and if there is any character casting to be had, figure Altman to be the aggressive cut-throater out to make a killing. In his own words -- "the shark." Speculation is he's the guy viewers will love to hate, a role that some say he relishes.