FarmVille Valentine Sneak Peek: Heart Elephant, Pink Swan, Romantic Pavilion, and More


In our continued effort to bring you all of the latest happenings in FarmVille, today we bring you another Valentine's Day themed edition of the FarmVille Sneak Peek. This time, we've found five new items - two animals, and either two or three decorations, depending on how Zynga classifies one item in particular.

The two animals are the Heart Elephant and the Pink Swan. With the recent fuss over Ducklings, it will be interesting to see if the Pink Swan is added to the list of options for growing a Duckling, or if it is simply placed in the store as a premium animal available for purchase. The Heart Elephant, then, continues in this year's theme of releasing pink animals covered in hearts.

As for the other three items, they are the Chocolate Fountain (which animates with flowing chocolate), a Romantic Pavilion (a great accompaniment to the Romantic Gazebo), and the Lady Gouldian Finches. Personally, I'd say that these are some of the prettiest birds released in the game - it would only be better if you could actually harvest from these birds, or if each individual bird were larger.

As usual, there's no guarantee that these items will officially be released in the game, so keep that in mind.

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Will you purchase any of these items should they be released in FarmVille, or are you ready to move on from the Valentine's Day theme already? Let us know in the comments.