FarmVille Sneak Peek: Sheep Pen coming soon?


For a long time now, my own farm has been absolutely overflowing with the various sheep that Zynga has released in FarmVille over the past months, and even since the start of the game. There's just something about these fluffy little critters that makes me want to collect them all, and now, it looks as though my collection will start to pay off (or will at least be more manageable), as Zynga is apparently going to be adding a Sheep Pen to the game in the near future.

Thanks to some unreleased images, we've discovered that not only will the Sheep Pen be able to store your sheep (why the unreleased image - see behind the break - is covered in Ducks is anyone's guess), but you'll also be able to.. wait for it.. breed your sheep to produce lambs!