FarmVille Duck Pond and Duckling fixes arrive, more are on the way

Duckling Errors
Don't sigh of relief just yet, duck lovers. Official FarmVille Blog writer Tim reports that some fixes to the list of issues with the Duck Pond and Ducklings have gone live in FarmVille. This includes fixes to an issue that prevented players from picking a Duck when neighbors help out. The problem in which players were receiving an incorrect message when accepting a Duck help request has also been fixed.

Unfortunately, the Zynga team is still working on of the major issues that is preventing players from asking for help with their Ducklings. The Duck Pond and Ducklings have been troubled since they were introduced to the game. But hey, at least this a start. Hang in there, little guys.

What issues have you experienced with the Duck Pond and Ducklings? Have you found any workarounds or have these bugs turned you away from Ducklings entirely? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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