Consumer Ally Responds to Dog Food Ratings Brouhaha

science diet best dog food goodguide
science diet best dog food goodguide

When we ran the results of GoodGuide's ratings of pet food, we learned just how passionate some people are about their dogs.

After hundreds of comments, hundreds more emails and untold discussions about GoodGuide's choice of Science Diet as its top brand, we turned back to GoodGuide to respond to the criticism. We've also reached out to Science Diet and -- based on the conversation started by our readers -- we will be doing our own story about what to look for when you going shopping for pet food.

The main issues leveled against Consumer Ally and its partner,, involve encouraging support for a product critics said is made primarily from grains and filler. And some suggested the food includes the rendered remains of pets and that veterinarians nationwide are complicit in an elaborate bribery plot that now involves GoodGuide and AOL.

"Your list of good dog foods is a crime. Science Diet is one of the worst dog foods available, as are the rest of the ones you listed as 'good,' one reader wrote. "I can guess who put you up to this ridiculous article. How do you sleep at night, (expletive deleted)?