CityVille on Facebook adds 20 new levels

cityville level 80
cityville level 80

If you're one of the people who already maxed out at level 60 in CityVille -- you've got more work to do. In an update last night, the city building game added 20 more levels -- meaning you've got more work ahead of you, Mr. or Ms. Mayor. And, if you've been playing at level 60 for a while, you might notice that you'll jump a few levels when you log into the game today. Yesterday: Level 60. Today: Level 64.

Late last month, CityVille reached 100 million players, attributed to the fact that it was Zynga's first multi-lingual release as well as a big marketing push to Zynga's existing players in FarmVille, FrontierVIlle, et al. According to AppData, it looks like the game's explosive growth is starting to even out, and it'll be interesting to see if this game will be able to maintain its massive audience or if people will start to jump ship, much like we saw with FarmVille a year or so ago.

What level (if any) did you jump to in CityVille today? Or, just looking for friends to pay the game with? Leave a note in the comments. Add Comment.