What to Buy in February

During the harsh winter of 2011, many of us are too comfortable in front of the fire with our cocoa to go out foraging at the mall for bargains. That's a huge mistake! February is when merchants clear out old stock to make room for the new; the cold weather gear in favor of stuff for spring.

So bundle up and head out for some deals on these February finds:

Home theater systemHome theaters: Strike early in the month for deals on home theaters, as many vendors offer enticing packages in time for the Super Bowl. Is this the year you go 3D?

Chocolates are a great deal in late FebruaryChocolate: Valentine's Day falls in February, and purveyors of the candy of love, chocolate, flood the market with its creamy goodness. Once the holiday is past, you can snatch up remainders at a good discount. And we know that chocolate tastes best when it comes in a heart-shaped box, right?

Wedding bookings in February can save you moneyWeddings: Not only will you have to fight tooth and nail to secure a fine site for a June wedding, but your honeymoon destination might also be charging top dollar by then. In February, though, you won't have to complete with spring/early summer brides, which means you might score a better price for the facility, for your gown, for tux rentals, and even plane tickets to that special destination that you won't see enough of, due to all the time you'll spend in your hotel room.

February is a good time to buy a road bike.Bicycles: If you didn't buy a new bicycle in January, you have one more month to shop while the foot traffic in bicycle shops is nil. You'll not only receive all the service you could ever hope for, but also a sweet deal on one of the models the store is clearing out to make room for the new season's stock. If you need service for your present bike, now is the time to take it in.

Sail boatsBoats: February is the heart of the winter boat show season, and this is a great place to check out the many varieties on the market. Once you've determined what you're looking for, though, check out the used market first. You might well find a lightly-used model for thousands less, and just like the boat stores, private owners eager to sell will compromise on price much more readily at this time of year.

Humidifier prices drop in February, so it's a good time to buy.  Also the newer styles are much more modern and fashion friendlyHumidifiers: February can be murder on one's skin, as the moisture content of the frigid air drops precipitously. A humidifier can help pump water into the air to restore the suppleness to your skin and sooth those over-dry sinuses.

perfume bottlesFragrances: Again, Valentine's Day means sale deals on fragrances (you do know your loved one's scent of choice, don't you? This is essential.) You can often pick up special sets, such as scented cosmetics in a special sachet, for a special price. And you'll be the one to benefit from the divine scent of your honey.

Lawn servicesLawn Mower servicing: Predictably, on the first spring day when the grass is finally beginning to grow, lawn mower service shops are overwhelmed with business. In February in northern climes, however, they are probably playing trash-can basketball waiting for customers. Now is the time to take in your machine, if you want careful attention and a better price.

rosesFlowers: Shortly after Valentine's Day you'll find flowers on sale at your local shop; yes, they were probably timed to peak on the holiday, but they should still remain presentable for some time, especially if properly cared for. These might, in fact, make an excellent early President's Day (February 21) present, if you celebrate that holiday.
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