Most Extravagant Super Bowl Rental: 5 Nights for $280K

super bowl rentalSuper Bowlrentals in the Dallas area certainly are pricey. But it's Flora Mascolo, the widow of Guy Mascolo -- one-half founding partner of the beauty shop chain Toni & Guy -- who brings us what is probably the most extravagant rental deal to date.

For $280,000, you get five nights in her 20,000-square-foot North Dallas home, 5540 North 40 Place, with 9 bedrooms, game room, pool, wine room, exercise room, sauna, salon, outside kitchen and lounge with pizza oven, formals and study.

Here in Dallas, homeowners are getting richer by the minute, with Super Bowl XLV just around the
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corner. A famous rapper has dropped $90,000 to lease two private homes in the Bluffview neighborhood of Dallas, and across town, a Florida woman has snapped up a townhome for an ex-Cowboys party --the crew is in to have fun, not even drive over to the game!

The whole town will be jammed with stars who are starting to drop big bucks for private homes.

The Mascolo home is on four acres with private walking paths, gated, and comes with interesting extras: a Lear jet ride to Dallas, 18 Super Bowl tickets, and limo to and from the game. Flora Mascolo will also throw in a private chef to serve up two four-course dinners, host a cocktail reception, throw a pre-Super Bowl party, and even let you use the family Ferrari.

Don't even want to think about how many blow-dries it took to finance Mascolo's Dallas palace, which took the hair titans more than six years to build.

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