New Home Construction Jobs on the Rise

new home construction
new home construction

A rise in new home construction is usually a good indicator that a housing market is humming along. Not surprisingly, new construction has suffered during the housing crisis. But David Schepp of our sister site,, reports that construction jobs are making a comeback this year.

Few industries have been hurt as hard as construction during the Great Recession. Construction projects, including important new-home building, slowed to a crawl during the last few years as consumers reined in expenses seeking to weather the economic storm.

New forecasts show, however, that the worst may be over for the construction industry, which has seen the highest levels of unemployment of any sector, as the economy slowly begins to improve and construction projects resume.

"This won't be an easy year for most firms, but it will be better than last year," says Stephen E. Sandherr, CEO at the Associated General Contractors of America. "If current trends continue, this industry will be in a much better position 12 months from now than it is today."