Greenwich Meridian Line to Charge Visitors

The landmark site of the Greenwich Meridian Line in England will begin charging admission in an effort to pay for maintenance from large numbers of visitors.

The World Heritage Site is one of London's top 10 attractions, reports the Daily News. The paper says the historic site needs to charge a fee to cover funding gaps.

The Meridian Line, which is the boundary between the Eastern and Western Hemispheres of the earth and marks the official starting point for each new day and year, has served as the marker for Greenwich Mean Time since the late 19th century.

In 2012, the attraction is expected to become even more popular, when the equestrian events of the Olympic Games are held at nearby Greenwich Park.

The new fee takes effect on March 8 and will be $16 for adults. Children 16 and under will not be charged. The National Maritime Museum, Queen's House and Royal Observatory Astronomy Centre, which are part of the same site, will remain free of charge.

Photo, ZeroTwoZero, flickr
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