FrontierVille Red, Pink, White Rose Crops now available


It's been quite a while since we've seen any new items being released in FrontierVille's market, and even longer since we've seen new crops added to the game. This all has changed this afternoon, however, as we've been given not one, not two, but a whopping three new crops to grow in the game. All three of these crops coincide with the upcoming Valentine's Day holiday, as you'll now be able to grow three varieties of romantic, and lovely, roses on your Homestead.

The roses are the Red Rose, Pink Rose, and White Rose. The possibilities for creating shapes and designs with these flowers are basically endless, but if you're just looking to make a profit, you'll be able to plant all three roses for 400 coins, 300 coins, or 200 coins per plot, respectively for red, pink, or white (Note: You will receive a discount off of these prices if you have the store discount active on your account).

You'll receive 800 coins when harvesting Red Roses, 500 when harvesting Pink Roses, and and 335 for harvesting White Roses. Of course, these profits relate to how long the crops take to grow, as the Red Roses will only be ready to harvest after 1 Day and 12 Hours, while the Pink and White roses grow to maturity in 14 hours and 10 hours, respectively.

Luckily, even though these seem to have been released with a holiday in mind, none of these crops are listed as limited edition. Hopefully this means they'll be around to plant and harvest even into the spring and summer, which would make for quite the lovely picture, with three colors of roses growing against a once again lush grassy background. If Zynga does decide to expire these crops, however, we'll be sure to let you know.

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Which of these three Rose crops is your favorite, or will you plant all three equally? Let us know in the comments.