FrontierVille Red, Pink, and White Rose Collections now available


Today has been absolutely huge for new releases in FrontierVille, with Zynga not only releasing a new building in the form of a Chapel (along with accompanying goals and a new collection), but also releasing a trio of new Valentine's Day themed rose crops. As any pioneer knows, the release of a crop in the game isn't complete without a collection to go along with it (giving users permanent incentive to growing said crops), so this time there are three new collections to speak of, one each for Red Roses, Pink Roses, and White Roses.

The Red Rose Collection asks you to find five items - a Red Rose Petal, Red Rose Vase, Red Rose Thorn, Red Rosebud, and 12 Red Roses. All of these items can be acquired by simply planting and harvesting Red Roses on your homestead, or by tending to Red Roses that your friends have planted on their Homesteads.

The prizes for completing the Red Rose Collection are a Red Rose Arbor and 25 XP.

Meet us behind the break for a look at the other two rose collections (hint: they're basically identical).