FrontierVille Chapel of Love Goals: Everything you need to know

Along with the release of the new Chapel building project in FrontierVille comes a four-part goal series, appropriately titled "Goin' to the Chapel of Love." Apparently, the love that Miss Fanny Wildcat and Bess have started to feel for our man at the General Store, Hank, has culminated in a need for a church on our Homesteads, but who exactly will be getting hitched inside? Let's take a look at this four-part mission series to see if we can find some clues.

The first step of this goal series will show up for users automatically when logging into the game. As you'd expect, your first action should be to set the construction of your Chapel into full swing, and that is appropriately one of the tasks required for part one of four of this set.

Place Chapel on Homestead
Harvest 25 Squash
Have 25 Cloth

Earlier today, we gave you a complete rundown on the requirements you'll need to fulfill to build the Chapel - a complete set of 60 items - so check out our guide to its construction to learn more. As for the Squash, this is a six hour crop, but remember, you don't have to actually wait to harvest your ready crops to pass this task - simply have some of your FrontierVille neighbors visit your Homestead and water your Squash. This will count in the same way as if you had harvested the Squash after the full 6 hours.

Your rewards for completing part one are 100 XP and 100 coins. You'll be able to share a bonus of 25 XP with friends.

Meet us behind the break for a look at the rest of these missions.
Part II will require you to first complete the entire construction of your Chapel, even though that isn't technically a stipulation of the goal's completion. You'll also need to break out the hoe and watering cans once more (figuratively of course) and plant some more crops.

Customize the Chapel
Harvest 25 Cotton
Get 10 Paving Stones

Paving Stones can be received by asking your friends to send them to you, while the Cotton can be grown in the same way as any other crop, and completed just as quickly despite the fact that they technically take three days to grow. This is, more than ever, a real example of when using your friends to water your crops becomes a truly valuable gameplay strategy. Otherwise, you'll be stuck waiting for Cotton to grow for three days, or paying Horseshoes to more quickly complete the task, and who wants that?

Finish Part II and you'll be rewarded with 50 coins and 200 Food. You'll be able to share a Pamphlet item with your friends as a bonus (this item is one of the new constructable items inside the Chapel).

Part III puts that free Pamphlet from the last mission to good use, as you'll need to craft 10 Pamphlets inside the Chapel in order to complete the mission.

Craft 10 Pamphlets
Craft 10 Batter
Sell 10 Adult Pigs

Hopefully you still have some pigs around after completing the New Years Resolution goals (one of which required you to sell off 50 of them), as you'll need to have at least 10 Adult Pigs on hand to finish this step. Hopefully, if you read our guide before going into the Chapel goals, you'll be able to kickstart some Baby Pigs into a growth spurt before you even have this goal active on your Homestead. Meanwhile, the Batter can be crafted inside the Inn, with each Batter costing 20 Food and 900 coins.

These tasks completed, you'll receive a reward of 300 XP, and you'll be able to share 50 coins with your friends on you wall. You'll also be able to move onto the final goal in this mission series, which will turn your attention from the Chapel's grand opening to the supporting of the local choir.

Have 2 Bouquets
Craft 5 Choir Outfits
Have 10 Triangles

The Choir Outfits can be crafted inside the Church, while you'll be able to click on the "Ask" button to ask your friends for the ten Triangles. Most everyone should already have Bouquets on-hand, but if you don't, you can receive a single Bouquet from turning in the Wildflower Collection. Simply do this twice, and voila - the step is finished.

Finishing this final mission will give you 400 XP and 10 Cloth as a reward, and you'll be able to share a Chapel Hymnal with your friends. This is an item in the new Chapel Collection, and while it hasn't been made clear as to whether or not it will be needed in the future, it might be nice to have on hand all the same.

And there you have it - a fairly simple (all things considered) set of goals that most of you should be able to finish well before Valentine's Day proper rolls around. It still doesn't answer our question though - just who will be getting married? We can only assume that building this Chapel has been for some overarching purpose, and we can only hope that our assumption was correct. We'll make sure to let you know what ultimately ends up happening in our new Chapels as soon as we know more, so keep checking back.

[Source Parts II - IV: FrontierVille Wiki]

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What do you think of these Chapel goals? Are they too difficult to complete, or would you rather see more challenge in future goals in the game? Let us know in the comments.
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