FrontierVille Chapel: Everything you need to know


Just when we started to think that we'd hit another drought in missions after completing the Groundhog Day missions in FrontierVille, Zynga has decided to officially kickstart the game's Valentine's Day event by launching a new, fairly romantic building in the game in the form of a Chapel.

The Chapel is a new constructable building that can be purchased from the store for around 500 coins (depending on whether or not you have the store discount activated in your game). You'll also need 100 woord to place its base on your Frontier. From there, you'll need to whack the base nine times, with each whack costing 5 wood (that's a total of 45 wood spent, on top of the base 100 purchase price).

The base completed, you'll need to collect a whopping 60 items, all of which are new to the game, in order to complete the construction on the Chapel. These items can be requested from friends in two different ways - meet us behind the break to see what those are.