FrontierVille Chapel Collection now available

As has become a tradition in FrontierVille, whenever a new building is released, Zynga has now taken to releasing an accompanying collection to coincide with it. This holds true for today's release of the Chapel in game, as you can now complete a Chapel Collection by finding a set of five themed items while completing appropriate tasks on your Homestead.

In this case, the "appropriate tasks" are simply constructing the Chapel in the first place (whacking its frame) and then proceeding to collect the Daily Bonus from the Chapel once it has been built. You'll need to find five items in total to complete this collection - here's a rundown of what to look out for:

Chapel Pulpit
Chapel Bingo Chips
Chapel Hymnal
Chapel Candles
Chapel Incense

It should be noted that if you are having trouble randomly receiving a Chapel Hymnal, you'll be able to receive one for free by keeping an eye out for your friends' wall posts, when your friends finish the final mission of the new Chapel Goal series, as that is the prize they are allowed to share with their friends (ie: you).

The prizes for completing this collection are a Chapel Bell decoration and 25 XP. As usual, you aren't required to turn in the collection once you complete it, so feel free to hold onto these items in case they are used in a quest released sometime in the future.

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How far have you made it to completing the Chapel collection? How many of these items did you receive when whacking your Chapel's frame? Let us know in the comments.
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