Forgot Your Grocery List Again? There's an App for That ...

shopping list - grocery list apps
shopping list - grocery list apps

Making grocery lists and sticking to them saves money and guards against impulse buys, except, of course, when you forget them at home, which can happen to the best of us. Okay, namely, me.

On such an occasion, one might wander the aisles trying to visualize the list, or perhaps engage in time-consuming games of word association with little success. Recently, however, like mana from the Internet, I became aware of free grocery list/recipe apps for mobile phones -- even those models that don't start with a vowel.

Self-described as "the ultimate cooking utensil" with a super cute name, Seattle, Wa.-based, Kitchen Monki and like-minded Sterling, Va.-based ZipList both offer online venues to store recipes, plan meals, and automate grocery lists -- for free.

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