FarmVille Valentine's Day Decorations: Romantic Cottage, Love Gondola, Romantic Picnic & More

While tonight's FarmVille update might have brought a new theme (the Chinese New Year theme) to the FarmVille Mystery Game, the store is still being stocked with Valentine's Day items (I, for one, am very happy about that indeed). Tonight, we see the release of a new building, along with four new decorative items, one of which is making a return from a previous theme.

The new building is the Romantic Cottage, which makes quite the statement on your farm (it's a big item) for 25 Farm Cash. You'll receive a hefty sum of 2,500 experience points for purchasing this one, and it can be decorated with snow and lights, if such a thing interests you enough to purchase it (as if the flowers and overall design of the item weren't enough).

Meet us behind the break for a look at the other new items in this lovely theme.
The four decorative items are split three to one in terms of those premium items, and items available for coins. The premium (Farm Cash) items are a Love Gondola, priced at 20 Farm Cash, a Valentine Gnome that costs 12 Farm Cash, and finally, a Rose Arch that costs 7 Farm Cash.

The Rose Arch is the returning item here, as it was first seen in the New England theme which was released in August of 2010. Luckily, the price was 7 Farm Cash as well during the New England event, so luckily this doesn't cause an issue for complaint. \

Meanwhile, the single coin item is actual the neatest, in my humble opinion. It's the Romantic Picnic, which is actually quite a small item, considering its image in the store (which makes it look to be a very large item). The item itself is a single tree and patch of grass, atop which a picnic table, basket, box of chocolates and various Valentine's Day decorations sit. The tree is even strung with heart garland, completing the scene. You'll be able to add this item to your farm for 250,000 coins - this definitely isn't a bargain, but at least it's better than a Farm Cash price instead.

Along with the other Valentine's Day items released this evening, these new decorations (and the new building) will be available for the next two weeks - plenty of time to allow you to at least earn the 250,000 coins necessary to purchase the Romantic Picnic, if nothing else.

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What do you think of these Valentine's Day decorations? Is there one that stands out to you as being better than the rest? Let us know in the comments.
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