FarmVille Valentine's Animals: Pink Persian Cat, Heart Pig, and...Ducks?


Tonight's FarmVille update is an interesting one when it comes to the new animals that are now available. There are four new animals to choose from, and while all four are in the limited edition Valentine's Day theme, only two really seem to belong there.

The two expected animals are the Pink Persian Cat and the Heart Pig, which are available for 14 and 18 Farm Cash, respectively. The Pink Persian Cat can be harvested every three days for 90 coins each time, and the Heart Pig can be harvested after just two days, but you'll only receive 50 coins for doing so.

Meanwhile, the two more interesting animals are a pair of limited edition ducks. First is the Elder Duck, which is available for 20 Farm Cash, while a Hooded Merganser is available for 16 Farm Cash. Both are harvested every two days, and you'll receive 45 coins when doing so. It's not that there's anything particularly wrong with these ducks, it's just there description as "Valentine's Day" animals that seems a bit weird.

Either way, all four of these animals will be available for exactly two weeks. You'll gain quite a bit of experience points for purchasing each one (ranging from 1400 - 2000), so make sure to give them a look before they expire.

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What do you think of this new quartet of animals? Have you collected all of the Heart themed animals so far? Let us know in the comments.