FarmVille: Giant Cinnamon and Heart Candy trees now available


It all started with the Giant Bubblegum tree, that was released in FarmVille just a week ago - that being what seems to be a new theme in the game of regular trees being re-released as giant versions of themselves. With these larger sized trees comes an equally inflated price tag, however, so ready your wallet as we look at these newest two.

The two new trees are the Giant Cinnamon and Giant Heart Candy Trees. While the "regular" sized versions of both of these trees were released last Wednesday for 5 and 15 Farm Cash, respectively, these Giant versions will set you back either 15 Farm Cash (for the Cinnamon tree) or 25 Farm Cash (the Heart Candy tree). Luckily, we know that the Giant Heart Candy tree is also available as a Mystery Seedling that you can find posted on your friends' walls, so feel free to save your Farm Cash if you'd rather luck into acquiring one that way.

Either way, both of these trees retain the stats of their predecessors - they are harvestable every two days, and you'll receive 150 coins when doing so. You'll gain 15 experience points for purchasing either tree. Finally, both will be available in the game for exactly two weeks.

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What do you think of these new giant trees? Do you hope that Zynga releases giant versions of other trees as well? Sound off in the comments.

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