Dynasty Warriors social game to get feudal for free in Japan

Dynasty Warriors
Dynasty Warriors

Soon, social gamers will once again be called to slay limitless hordes of Chinese soldiers in Dynasty Warriors, but this time it will be for free. Oh, and it'll be social too (and free). Andriasang reports that a Dynasty Warriors social game is in the making for GREE, Japan's most popular mobile social network, through Tecmo Koei. To be known as One Million Person Dynasty Warriors in Japan--we hope this is just a translation quirk--the game will task players to assume the role of a general, create guilds using their network of friends or face off against them in battle. (Unfortunately, the game probably won't look as good as the above image of Dynasty Warriors Online.)

Players will fight alongside infamous generals from China's Warring States era as well as find and craft new weapons for themselves and their armies. The game, set to enter an open beta in March on GREE (and not the first), will launch with connectivity with the upcoming Dynasty Warriors 7 slated for PlayStation 3. It seems that Tecmo Koei is just catching on to the growing trend that publishers like Konami and EA are already privy to.

Every copy of the PS3 game will come with a serial number players can enter into the social game for an exclusive, powerful item. After its initial beta phase, the game is set to go live this Spring. And considering how many Dynasty Warriors games have released in the US, Tecmo Koei would be missing out to not give us a swing of the old halberd.

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