Consumer Ally Alert: Don't Gamble on

cashbreak.comIf you like to try your luck online, stay away from, an online gambling site many consumers say is a scam. makes the following boast on its homepage: "The Internets [sic] Greatest Games and they're all FREE!" The games include online poker, bingo, keno, slots, solitaire and a lottery.

According to Nancy, a Consumer Ally reader and Georgia housewife who has asked not to give her last name, is a fraudulent site that refuses to honor its commitments. The charge is repeated by other members and echoed on various online complaint boards.Here's what Nancy wrote us:

There is a site called where you can play bingo/keno/poker & more. Can you please investigate this site for Internet fraud? They owe thousands of dollars to people who won and refuse to pay us. They stopped paying about two years ago, and won't answer any emails or phone calls.

Nancy says she played various games on for 10 years without incident as a "Gold Member," which cost her $7.95 a month for special privileges and greater chances of winning. But she canceled her account after they refused to pay her $200 in winnings or respond to her calls and emails.

Nancy, who says users communicate via the site's chat room, said other Gold Members who also haven't been paid are unable to cancel their memberships, and continue to be billed month after month. Her son-in-law, who is owed $400 by the site, was only able to escape the monthly charges when his credit card expired, she added.

Another member, Connie Whitman of Knightdale, N.C., told a similar tale about the gambling site. Whitman, who is retired on disability, has been playing on for four years, is owed $200 and "can get no answer from them."

Donna Rae Henderson, a Stockton, Calif., retiree and a Gold Member for six years, says the she hasn't received any winnings for nearly four years. Henderson says owes her some $400, and all attempts to get the company to pay up have been in vain.

"They advertise that their games are free and that alone is not the truth," Henderson told Consumer Ally. "They also say winners will be paid within 4-5 weeks and that is not the truth either."

Other members have vented their anger on Consumer Ally partner, with complaints like this one from Henry L.: "NO money here either. Just a big fat scam. I can't believe I fell for it. Please stay away."

Another user, Reva M. sums up the feelings of many about an apparently once-trusted site they say has gone rogue:

They have owed me money for a couple of years. Don't expect to get paid just like the rest of us that played on that site. At one time it was a great place and then they just quit paying anyone and I mean anyone. We have contacted the better business bureau and other legal aspects but still nothing. Why they are still allowed to do business I just don't understand.

Similar complaints are expressed on Ripoff Report and Complaints Board, with headlines such as "Stay away from this site and never give them money" and "Owes me $50, and can't cancel." The Better Business Bureau, which first opened a file on in 2004, gives the company a failing grade for a failure to respond to complaints.

Attempts by Consumer Ally to reach for comment were unsuccessful. Like everyone interviewed for this article, our emails were ignored. Attempts to use the site's FAQ page were also fruitless, since every question, such as "I am Missing Email from CashBreak," leads to the same nonsensical answer.

When Consumer Ally called the number listed on the site for the billing department -- (888) 603-0075 -- we were told we'd reached Bank of America.

According to WHOIS, the company's website is registered to parent company RDK Net Inc., which lists only a P.O. Box in Winston-Salem N.C. for an address and the number mentioned above.

Unlike's website, the BBB lists complete contact information for the Chuluota, Fla.-based company. But when Consumer Ally attempted to reach President Kevin Dwayne Scott at the number provided -- (407) 971-1647 -- we reached the following recording: "We're sorry you have reached a number that had been disconnected and is no longer in service."

Complaints by Nancy and other users to, the Better Business Bureau, the governors and attorneys general of both Florida and North Carolina, as well as various agencies, she told Consumer Ally, have accomplished nothing.

So why don't all these members just cancel their memberships, assuming they can?

"I think we should all quit and cancel our membership, they then would not have any of our money to operate," Henderson told Consumer Ally. "But everyone enjoys playing and chatting to their friends, and no one wants to take the chance of losing the money owed if ever the problem could be solved."

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