LOLapps gives Critter Island the axe this month


Back in November, LOLapps started a desperate attempt to restore the viral channels in their game Critter Island. After launching the game in August, and then being denied access to social features (by Facebook) after a privacy debacle, LOLapps attempted to regain access to their viral channels in Critter Island (neighbor invites, gift requests, and wall posts), but to no avail.

The developer remained fairly quiet on the issue after creating the Restore Critter Island page on Facebook, but we now know that all efforts were apparently in vain. Thanks to a letter received by a concerned player from LOLapps itself, we now know that the entire development team has been transitioned from Critter Island to Ravenwood Fair, and that Critter Island itself will be shutting down alongside Supermodel: The Game on January 31.

That's right, after the end of the month, Critter Island will no longer be accessible. Supermodel: The Game will be closing on the same date. I guess we can only say it was fun while it lasted... or, at least until November when the controversy erupted. Hopefully this will be the last game closure we see from the company in the near future.

Do you think LOLapps could have tried harder to save Critter Island, or was this a no-win situation for LOLapps? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.