Zombie Pandemic on Facebook: Can you survive the outbreak?

One of the newest Facebook games that's gaining a bit of speed (relative to its very young age of just a few days old) is Pixel Pandemic's appropriately titled Zombie Pandemic. The company describes the game as a survival-horror MMORPG, which places you in the role of a survivor in a zombie-infested city. The entire point of the game is to survive long enough to make it to one of the game's safehouses, where you can escape the zombie scourge.

Gameplay itself starts with you creating a character through a light avatar-creation process (choose a name, sex, and image). You'll then be thrown into the city. Unfortunately, the game's tutorial (or lack thereof) leaves you on your own from the get go, but if you're familiar with other mostly static MMOs (that is, those that use text and stationary images, rather than flash), you should get the hang of this rather quickly.

Each location in the world (an abandoned store, burned out building, etc.) is shown as a large image from an overhead, aerial perspective. You'll be able to move in eight directions out of the scene (N, S, SE, NW, and so on), to explore more of the city, in an effort to find a safehouse or just items that you can use in your journey.
In each screen, there are likely to be "searchable" items, like dumpsters, cars and the like, that contain items that you can use as weapons, or otherwise use to help yourself along the way. You won't be able to tell which items you can search visually, so your best bet it to just click on anything that looks remotely interesting to see if you can search it. However, you'll need to be a bit particular about the items you pick up, as you only have so much space in your inventory, and you might need to remove some items that aren't as useful in order to keep picking up items that are.

At any time, you'll have to keep track of your Stamina points, your Hit Points, and your money. As you encounter enemies, like wild animals, zombies, and so on, you'll be brought to another set of screens - a battle screen, if you will - where you can either choose to run away from your pursuer (if you are far enough away from them), or head straight into battle. Battling spends your stamina points, and as you are injured, you'll of course use up your Hit Points. These recharge over time, or can be regenerated instantly by consuming certain one-time use items that you'll find in the environment. You'll be able to control each action in battle, by choosing when to attack, how many times you'd like to attack in a row, and so on, until either you or your enemy is defeated.

As the game is a self-proclaimed MMORPG, of course one of the large elements here will be meeting other players. There is an open chat window at the bottom of the gameplay area, where you'll be able to talk to your fellow gamers in real time. Additionally, you'll be able to tag buildings in the environment (tag as in graffiti) in order to leave messages for other players.

Once you make a few friends in the game, you'll be able to bring them into your clan. Clans are allowed to build safe houses and other buildings. You can either join a Clan with other members by asking to join them, or you can create your own Clan and hope that other members join you instead. Team work will get your further in the game than going solo, as you'll be able to share some of your progress with your Clan members.

As with most other Facebook games, there is a premium element here that would require you to spend real money in order to take advantage of it. Instead of just being a single item or two, however, this premium setup is actually a new membership into the game, allowing you replenish your stamina points 50% faster, further customize your character, create more characters than just one (and all will remain active), and so on. These bonuses are questionable at best, considering that you'll have to keep renewing your membership over time - it isn't a one-time deal.

Zombie Pandemic is slowly gaining ground on Facebook - if you'd like to join the few thousand players that have already started to escape the undead, then shamble on over.

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