Zombie Pandemic on Facebook: Can you survive the outbreak?


One of the newest Facebook games that's gaining a bit of speed (relative to its very young age of just a few days old) is Pixel Pandemic's appropriately titled Zombie Pandemic. The company describes the game as a survival-horror MMORPG, which places you in the role of a survivor in a zombie-infested city. The entire point of the game is to survive long enough to make it to one of the game's safehouses, where you can escape the zombie scourge.

Gameplay itself starts with you creating a character through a light avatar-creation process (choose a name, sex, and image). You'll then be thrown into the city. Unfortunately, the game's tutorial (or lack thereof) leaves you on your own from the get go, but if you're familiar with other mostly static MMOs (that is, those that use text and stationary images, rather than flash), you should get the hang of this rather quickly.

Each location in the world (an abandoned store, burned out building, etc.) is shown as a large image from an overhead, aerial perspective. You'll be able to move in eight directions out of the scene (N, S, SE, NW, and so on), to explore more of the city, in an effort to find a safehouse or just items that you can use in your journey.

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