TicBits brings iAssociate 2 iPhone game to Facebook

I'll admit - one of my favorite iPhone games ever is iAssociate 2 from TicBits. Imagine, then, my delight when I found out that the developer had launched the game on Facebook. For those unfamiliar with the iPhone game, iAssociate 2 is a word association game that is very simple in concept, but easily addictive.

Each level is comprised of a web of words. You'll be given one or perhaps two words to start (based on the web's design), and you'll be able to see all of the words directly related to your starting word via word bubbles. Of course, you'll have to come up with this associated words yourself, but you will be given the number of letters that the word contains.

Your starting level, for instance, gives you the word "Breakfast." From there, you'll need to think of all of the things associated with breakfast (toast, eggs, cereal, and so on) and enter those into the game to see if they match. Once you find a word, more branches stem off of it, until the entire web is one grand and complex setup, filling the screen.

Due to the idea of word association though, you won't necessarily always be talking about breakfast (in keeping with our example). Early on, you'll have the word Bacon, for instance. Bacon comes from Pigs, and sure enough, that word is in the web as well. Just as easy as that, you've transitioned from talking about breakfast and food to talking about barnyard animals. Know of a movie that contains a pig as the main character? There's another branch in the association - now moving you into the world of cinema and Hollywood.

You'll earn points for each correct word you guess, and certain bonus words will be available that grant you even more points. Once you complete a web, you'll be able to play another level, with another starting theme (Around the House, Comics & Cartoons, etc.). You are given just three levels to start the game, while the others require you to spend cash, a premium currency of sorts.

You can either buy cash with real money, or you can complete offers (surveys, purchase rewards, etc.) to earn them. Aside from that, you'll earn a single coin for each correct word you fill into a web. Additionally, you can simply invite your friends to play the game with you, and for each friend that accepts you'll earn 500 coins. Levels cost 790 coins and up (you start with 1,000 coins), so you'll likely need to invite quite a few friends before unlocking them all.

Once you finish the tutorial level, you'll be able to use hints to reveal one letter of a word of your choice. Hints are limited though, so you'll want to save those hints for when you need them most.

Your overall score will be counted across all levels, allowing you to be compared to your friends on the in-game leaderboard. And if you run out of hints, or simply want to get your friends in on the fun, you can click on the "Help" button in a level to pick a word that you need help with and then post a help request on your wall, asking your friends if they can figure out the word for you.

Social features aside, iAssociate is a pretty addictive package even when played solo. If you don't have an iPhone, I highly suggest trying this one out on Facebook.

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Have you tried iAssociate 2 on Facebook? What do you think of this word game? Let us know in the comments.

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