Five Resume Tricks That Will Make You Stand Out

resume review Tired of having a vanilla resume that doesn't seem to "wow" hiring managers? Get ready to be bold and take some risks with the presentation of your professional qualifications to spice up your resume, entice hiring managers and get the phone to ring. Here are five ways to turn that big yawn of a resume into a powerful and vibrant self-marketing tool.

1. Add accomplishments.

The cornerstone of a strong resume is the content. Hiring managers don't want to read long lists of job tasks. They need to know how you have helped the companies you supported do things smarter, faster and more efficiently.

Don't simply write about your job responsibilities; write about impact. Try to show the before-and-after picture of your work and whenever possible, use dollars, numbers and percentages to show how you made money, saved money, or saved time.

2. Key in on keywords.

Keywords are the buzzwords for your industry or profession. Hiring managers and the applicant tracking systems that frequently scan resumes search for these keywords. Without them, you may never land the interview.

Review job postings of positions that match your skill set and mirror the keywords in the job descriptions in your resume. You can achieve this by adding an "areas of expertise" section or weaving the keywords throughout the content of your resume.

3. Test out a testimonial.

Including testimonials about your work from supervisors, clients and vendors that prove the value you brought to an organization can go a long way on a resume. Few job seekers include these endorsements on their resume, assuming no one is interested.

Hiring managers frequently review endorsements on candidate's LinkedIn profiles, and some even sort candidates based on the number of endorsements they have. If endorsements are searched on a LinkedIn profile, chances are good they will be read on your resume.

4. Bring on the bling.

Design elements such as bold, shading, boxes, graphs, charts and images can be used on a resume to make a more powerful presentation, convey quality information in a small amount of space, or just differentiate your candidacy from the 500 other "vanilla" resumes sitting on the hiring manager's desk. An engaging resume doesn't look like everyone else's. It stands out from the crowd.

5. Link to social media profiles.

You can make your resume more three-dimensional by including links to your social media profiles within the contact information section of the resume. By adding your LinkedIn URL, you can direct your reader to additional information about you, showcase more detailed testimonials than you may be able to fit on your resume, share information on the groups you belong to and even display samples of your work.

If you are active on Twitter, you can include your handle on your resume, which is a great way to show employers your passion for what you do, your thought leadership, and the way you engage within a community. Social media can turn a static one-dimensional resume into a multidimensional, real-time representation of who you are and what you have to offer the employer.

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