FarmVille Sneak Peek: Mystery Game Dragon and Phoenix

It looks as though this weekend might bring a new limited edition theme to FarmVille (perhaps this explains why Zynga chose to launch the Valentine's Day items as early as they did). If a new set of unreleased image are to be believed, then as early as tomorrow evening we should start seeing some of this year's Chinese New Year items added to the game.

While we brought you a sneak peek of some of these new items just yesterday, we have come across another item in the form of a Phoenix. This appears to be a decorative-only animal, as the bird is sitting upon a perch, which normally indicates that it's just a decoration. The other item is much more telling, however, and comes in the form of an unreleased Mystery Game logo, that has been marked by Zynga as that which is going to be released when the game updates tomorrow night.

Could the next Mystery Game contain both Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year items, just as the latest FarmVille Showcase video did? Only time will tell, but you'll be the first to know when and if these items release, so keep checking back.

Would you prefer to get your Chinese New Year items in the store, or through the Mystery Game? Let us know in the comments.