FarmVille: Giant Heart Candy trees spotted on farms


After the release of the Giant Bubblegum Tree in FarmVille earlier this month, it looks as though Zynga is going to continue in this new theme of adding giant trees to the game, as we've now started spotting Giant Candy Heart Trees on users' farms. So far, these Giant Heart Candy trees aren't available in the store, so the only way to go about grabbing one seems to be in finding one as a Mystery Seedling, either by spawning one from an Orchard on your own farm, or by grabbing one off of a wall post, posted by a neighbor.

These Giant Heart Candy trees appear to act the same on farms as a normal tree, rewarding the same amount of coins, are masterable, and so on - they are just absolutely massive when compared to the rest of the items on your farm. But hey, if you happen to still be suffering from the Giant Cupid's Castle glitch (like I am), perhaps this would be the perfect tree to accompany it.

We'll be sure to let you know if these trees are released in the store, but for now, keep an eye on your news feed to grab one of these trees while you can.

[Source & Image Credit: FV Fan]

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Have you spotted any Giant Heart Candy trees on your neighbors' farms? Would you pay Farm Cash to have one of your own? Let us know in the comments.

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