FarmVille: Brown Lamb & Sheep being given away at random


Remember Zynga's new promotion in FarmVille that asks users to complete a few steps (including inviting all new players to the game) in order to reunite a brown lamb and brown sheep (ie: receive them as gifts on your farm)? Well, it appears as though this feature, like so many others we've seen in the past, comes with a bit of a glitch. However, this is one glitch you will definitely hope comes your way.

A thread has started on the official FarmVille forums filled with users discussing the fact that they have now started receiving the Brown Lamb and Sheep at random when logging into FarmVille. Suddenly, the progress bar at the top of the screen will change to inform them that they have successfully reunited the pair, but these users haven't done anything to actually complete the event.

Forums user OlPappy for instance was completely boycotting the feature, and still received these animals for free. There doesn't appear to be any secret to this - it's entirely random. It is something to keep an eye on, however. If you don't want to take the time or go through the process of bugging your friends to play the game - you may very well receive them for free.

[Image Credit: OlPappy]

Have you received the Brown Lamb and Sheep even though you didn't complete the steps necessary to receive them? Let us know in the comments.