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aol jobsIndustry: Content Creation/Internet Service Provider

Headquarters: New York, N.Y.

CEO: Tim Armstrong

The company formerly known as America Online, Inc. was originally founded in 1983, as Control Video Corp. Best known as an Internet service provider to a community of members, which at one point totaled over 30 million, the company was famous for their marketing tactics that included sending free-trial CDs to residents across America.

In addition to providing Internet service and personal e-mail accounts to its subscribers, AOL has historically been a provider of online content, as well as a home for online communities (such as USENET).

In response to the growing number of competitors in the ISP arena (especially broadband ISPs) the company has switched its focus toward content creation. With over 100 channels representing both original content and news, AOL routinely delivers 100 million unique visitors per month to its properties.

AOL is currently hiring for a host of positions. Some of these positions are located at the company's major office complexes in New York City and Dulles, Va. Many of the job opportunities at AOL are for content creators and writers, some of which are hired directly by the company, and others who function as independent contractors.

One of the benefits of being a content contributor for AOL is that many contributors telecommute, as opposed to working out of an office. Of all the divisions of AOL currently hiring, the most notable is

Patch is AOL's community news service, which provides local news from a team of editors and reporters around the country. Patch is currently in the progress of rapid expansion and hiring editors, writers and interns around the country.

For some quick additional information on what AOL is currently up to, as well as its plans for the future, check out CEO Tim Armstrong's profile.

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