AOL Jobs Week Resume Contest Winner: Scott Tullis

Scott Tullis AOL Jobs Week contest winner
Scott Tullis AOL Jobs Week contest winner

Location: Portland, Ore.

Industry: Packaging

Job: National Accounts

Time Unemployed: 1 month

What do you want your potential employer to know about you?

What I would most like to stress, apart from the "clinical" strengths I bring to the table, is that I lead by example. I feel that the best managers are trustworthy and honorable, with genuine concern for colleagues and customers. I have a strong moral compass, and I bring to all my professional endeavors an authenticity that inspires and motivates others. With this foundation in place, the goals I set are pursued with collaborative energy and commitment, and people achieve far more than thought possible.


Results-oriented executive leader and MBA with extensive experience driving market share growth and increasing profitability for a wide variety of corporations across the food service, packaging, and manufacturing industries. Visionary sales strategist adept at conducting and leveraging market analysis to identify core customer needs and devise creative sales tactics as well as to forecast volume potential and develop solid pricing structures. Top sales performer skilled at turning around under-performing business units with effective sales team training, coaching, motivation, and management. Trusted organizational leader provides a valuable sales perspective in consultation and collaboration with product development, engineering, marketing, and customer service colleagues.


University of Phoenix (Tigard, OR) – MBA

University of Cincinnati (BA)

Professional Experience

Throughout my career, I have honed my finance, operations, and interpersonal strengths. I understand market expansion principles, and the most successful product in Anchor Packaging's history began on my watch.

I have a breadth of experience in cost containment, capital deployment, market penetration, product upgrades, sales, and key account maintenance. My work history reflects expertise in strategic planning, competitor analysis, and staff direction. While I understand the importance of profitability and market share growth, I am best known for my communication strengths, which make me a formidable team builder and manager.

I set extremely high standards and don't fall short; I graduated with honors (GPA 3.89) in the MBA Program even as I excelled at a demanding managerial position (Gage Industries). The degree featured a multidisciplinary curriculum incorporating Operations, Marketing, Organizational Behavior, Economics, Finance, e-Business, New Ventures, Project Management R&D, Technology Transfer, and Strategy. With its broad range and intensive requirements, the MBA has proven to be a powerful complement to my Bachelor's degree in Marketing.


National Account Management • Major Account Service • National Sales Strategy
Strategic Sales & Marketing • Sales Organization Leadership • Sales Team Training & Coaching
New Business Development • Customer Relationship Building • Presentations • Negotiations
New Product Development • Product Launches • Market & Competitive Analysis
Sales Planning • Forecasting • Pricing • Budgeting • Marketing Campaign Development
Managerial Leadership • Team Building • Communication & Collaboration

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