AOL Jobs Week Resume Contest Winner: Rebekah McNaney

Rebekah McNaney AOL Jobs Resume Contest Winner
Rebekah McNaney AOL Jobs Resume Contest Winner

Location: San Pedro, Calif.

Industry: Education/Teaching

Job: Elementary School Teacher

Time Unemployed: 2 months

What do you want your potential employer to know about you?

With a focus in Human Development and Family Science, I am aware that education is influenced by more than what happens in the classroom and I am prepared to assist students in their learning and parents in their understanding of their children's education. I have been equipped in my studies and experiences to meet both state and school standards, and know how to differentiate my teaching so that every student can learn in the most beneficial way to him or her. I know that my academic abilities, experiences, and personality will assist me in communicating information clearly, working as a contributing member of a team, and being an effective educator. With the firm belief that education is vital to children's lives and that teachers must promote success, I will do everything possible to help children achieve success. I want them to know that no goal is too great, and with hard work, determination, and a positive attitude anything can be accomplished.

I am a compassionate, enthusiastic, intelligent teacher who will be an asset to your school. I love challenges and am open to learning new methods and theories. I love working as a member of a team, and feel that collaboration and communication is essential to learning.

  • Elementary certification- Oklahoma

  • Early Childhood Certification- Oklahoma

  • Bachelor of Science in Elementary/Early Childhood Education

Professional Experience

Third Grade Teacher -- August 2010-November 2010

Carl A. Furr Elementary School

Rosa Parks Early Childhood Center, Union Public Schools -- 8 weeks

Reggio Emilia Classroom

Student Teaching, 5th grade, Fall 2009

Metro Christian Academy

Social Studies Classroom, 8 weeks

Practicum Student, 3rd grade, Spring 2009

McAuliffe Elementary, Union Public Schools

Reading Intervention Program, 15 hours

Practicum Student, k-5, Spring 2009

Darnaby Elementary, Union Public Schools

Art Classroom, 5 hours

Practicum Student, k-5, Spring 2009

Grimes Elementary, Tulsa Public Schools

Music Classroom, 5 hours<

Practicum Student, 0-3 year-olds, Fall 2008

McClure Elementary, Tulsa Public Schools

Head Start Program, 10 hours

Practicum Student, 3-5 year olds, Fall 2008

Riverfield Country Day School

Regular Education Classroom

Practicum Student, 2nd grade, Fall 2008

Jenks West Elementary, Jenks Public Schools

Regular Classroom, 30 hours

Practicum Student, 4th grade, Fall 2007

Remington Elementary, Tulsa Public Schools

Regular Classroom, 10 hours

Practicum Student, 4th Grade, Spring 2006

Bell Elementary, Tulsa Public Schools

Regular Classroom, 15 hours<


Quality teaching, can play piano, heavy international traveling experience

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