AOL Jobs Week Resume Contest Winner: Helene Duberstein


Location: New York City

Industry: Hospitality, Medical

Job: Receptionist/ Administrative Assistant/ Bartender

Time Unemployed: 2 years

What do you want your potential employer to know about you?

I am a reliable, follow-through person who is organized, pleasant and professional and would represent any company in a positive light and would go the distance.


Being that I have been out of work for two years I would be willing to start in a entry level position and learn new skills so I can further my career and get back on track or if its Hospitality I have been doing that for many years part time and full and I am one of the most hospitable friendly person in that environment.


I have some college plus a Secretarial Certificate and a Bartending Certificate

Professional Experience

My Profession experience is very diverse and well rounded, I am capable to do most any task


Typing, Microsoft Suite, Scanning, faxing, copying, bartending, waitressing, hostessing, proofreading,

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