World's Strangest Hotel Jobs

As hotels around the world go all out to please guests, Human Bed Warmers, Monkey Men and Tanning Butlers are some of the strangest hotel jobs that have emerged.

Among the odd hotel jobs, on a list compiled by in the U.K., the Barnsley Gardens Resort in Adairsville, Georgia, employs a resident Fairy Godmother to make romantic wishes come true – from proposals to birthday celebrations.

At the Hotel Andaz in London, guests can have a book read by the hotel's resident Bedtime Storyteller.

A bedtime treat of a difference sort is provided by the Holiday Inn Kensington Forum in London, where a Human Bed Warmer, attired in a special head-to-toe outfit, gets in guests' beds five minutes before bedtime to warm up the sheets, on request.

In fun-in-the-sun Miami, Tanning Butlers stroll around the Ritz-Carlton South Beach armed with various SPFs (and they'll do your back).

At the Peabody Hotel in Memphis (and sister properties in Orlando and Little Rock) Duckmasters are in charge of resident mallards that march for guests twice a day.

The Rambagh Palace hotel in Rajasthan, India, employs two people as Pigeon Chasers, their job being to scare birds away from the property's courtyard by waving a large flag.

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In a similar vein, the Amanbagh Resort in Rajasthan employs Monkey Men to patrol grounds with slingshots to keep monkeys from stealing food.

At the Biltmore Four Seasons in Santa Barbara, Calif., the Hotel Falconer carries a hawk to discourage seagulls from lingering at the swimming pool.

The official Coin Washer at the Hotel Westin San Francisco is in charge of keeping money clean – a tradition that dates from a time when women wore white gloves.

Some of the jobs are a lot more practical than others, but one that seems to make particular sense is Coconut Safety Engineer at the Ritz-Carlton St. Thomas. The job involves picking coconuts from the property's trees so they don't fall on guests.

Photos courtesy of Ritz-Carlton South Beach (top); Hotel Andaz London (center); Peabody Hotel Memphis (bottom)
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