Woman and Baby Kicked Off United Flight

A California mother says she was kicked off a United Airlines flight in a dispute over her baby's infant carrier being too big for a narrow airplane row.

But United says the woman and her party were removed from the flight from San Francisco to Hawaii because they were being disruptive.

Melissa Bradley, 39, says she also had problems over the carrier for her 1-year-old daughter on a recent Skywest flight from Aspen to San Francisco, though she wasn't kicked off that plane.

The National Transportation Safety Board has been seeking a requirement that those under age 2 be secured in a separate seat in infant carriers rather than flying in their parents' laps -- which the NTSB says is not safe.

Bradley also has four older children and says she always buys separate seats.

United spokesman Rahsaan Johnson says Bradley was not kicked off Flight 75 because of the baby seat but rather because she was taking photos and causing a disruption -- though he acknowledged the infant carrier, which was approved for airline use, was actually too wide for the row where Bradley and her daughter were seated.

Bradley, who owns a real estate firm in Marin County, says she was taking a photo because when she complained about the earlier Skywest incident an FAA inspector asked her to show how the infant carrier looks in a narrow row. She denies she was being disruptive.

United rebooked Bradley and her traveling companions on a later flight, in rows large enough to accommodate the infant carrier.

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