The Peacock Gets the Ax: NBC Unveils New Corporate Logo

Knock us over with a feather: NBC Universal is shooing away the peacock from its new corporate logo as Comcast Corp. takes over a majority stake -- 51% -- of the company, according to reports. But for any traditionalists who think the move is for the birds, the actual TV network NBC is keeping the iconic plumage in its branding.

Still, it's worth noting that the megamedia entity would see fit to ground one of the broadcast world's most endearing symbols. "NBC Universal," which previously had the 55-year-old peacock logo separating the two words, will now read "NBCUniversal" to reflect a "we-are-this-close" family vibe, a voiceover presentation told 25,000 NBC Universal employees in L.A. CEO Steve Burke said the peacock design was "too busy."The globe logo of film studio Universal and its theme park properties will keep spinning as well for their specific identities.

There was lots of feel-good chatter Thursday at the "town hall" meeting about synergy between the network, the movie studio, the theme parks and the cable channels such as Bravo, but nothing about potential layoffs, as was feared, according to Associated Press and the Huffington Post.

Only the peacock got the ax -- and it was a partial one at that. Now we have to wonder what might happen to NBC's duh-Duh-DUH chime slogan -- if it isn't sonic history already.

It's out of your hands, you dwindling lot of network-TV viewers. Comcast, a cable company with immense clout, is worth around $65 billion, while its newly acquired NBC Universal -- after a year of
wrangling with the FCC -- is valued at $30 billion.

As General Electric turned out the lights on its majority ownership, it left the new proprietors with some good news: NBC Universal, er, NBCUniversal, increased fourth-quarter earnings by 12% to $4.8 billion, according to

That should make Comcast and NBC Universal proud as a peacock, even if it no longer displays one.

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