Table Replaces Piano on Biscayne Bay Sandbar, Miami's Newest Tourist Attraction

Piano Sandbar

We had our fun with puns about the "Florida Keys" and "new meaning for the term piano bar." But as the sandbar-marooned piano was replaced by a sinking bistro in Miami's Biscayne Bay, it was time to find a new twist. French Dip, anyone?

Miami is not new to quirky artistic appearances (Christo took it over in 1983 and wrapped the city and beach in pink cloth). The piano's appearance was a modern mystery at first, until it was discovered that this instrumental piece of performance art was executed by a college art school applicant in early January. A passing boater finally noticed it this week. And then it went viral.

The seemingly unexplainable appearance captivated everyone's attention, and even struck a positive note with the head of Miami tourism, who encourages these attention-grabbers, of course.

"We're hoping to see a piano here, maybe a cello there, whatever you can put on a sandbar these days and maybe create a disappearing symphony," says Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau CEO Bill Talbert. "But you cannot script this stuff. It just happens -- and it happens a lot in Miami."

It took three weeks for the piano to be discovered on that lonely sandbar, but now all eyes are on the tiny, oft submerged strip to see what will manifest next. The trashed piano, but a new scene appeared featuring a wooden replica of a French chef approaching a set-up of two folding chairs tucked against a cloth-covered table anchored by a bottle of Yellow Tail wine and a vase full of roses.

We found the mystery piano baffling, the dinner scene amusing. But unfortunately the Department of Environmental Resources Management does not hold such an uplifting view of the spontaneous sandbar oeuvres. The DERM classifies these artistic moments as acts of littering, which is a third-degree felony. At 10:15 am, an official from the DERM showed up on the island and loaded the props onto a small boat.

Boat tours around the bay are booking up, says Talbert, since everyone is anxious to see the next happening -- and then disappearing -- thing.

NBC News was there when Florida cops threatened the piano prankster with felony charges:

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