Second Homes for the Rest of Us

second homes
second homes

Second homes were once only the provenance of the very rich. But decades of American prosperity (the last few years excepted) made the weekend home a middle-class dream. For many, however, it remains just that: a dream. But Kristine Hansen of our sister site,, explores how to make a home away from home affordable, even if your budget is more suited to barely affording just one.

It may be out of reach, but I dream of owning a lake house someday. Here's how I plan to buy one.

I opened up a savings account yesterday -- to save for a second home. Since it's going to be a seasonal cottage, I'm looking at spending less than $200,000. So I'm trying to put in $100 a month for the next 20 years. In my account right now: a meager $200.

At this point in my life, I can only daydream about that cute little white house with Adirondack chairs facing a Wisconsin lake. And the awesome barbecues I'll host. And the canoe rides at sunset. I'm not ashamed to admit I spend many hours cruising real-estate listings. So I decided to at leasttryto make that dream a reality.