Congratulations to our Fifth Laptop Winner: Matt Shannon

Matt Shannon Matt Shannon, from Salt Lake City, Utah

He chose the HP Envy!

Matt wrote:

I have never owned a computer. I work two part-time shifts for a company that contracts with UPS to run operations at the SLC international airport. I must drive many miles to earn $9.50 an hour. Between shifts, I regularly only get two to three hours of sleep. During daylight hours I look for a full-time, regular-hours job to add to my current job. I am trying very hard to get out of debt and go to school.

A free laptop would allow me not to have to run all over to find and wait for a computer at the library, work force services, or the free computer lab. It always happens that I'm in the middle of filling out an application and my time is up, or my flash drive is missing. Usually the computers don't open until 10AM, and by that time most people are already interviewing for the open jobs for that day. Please help; I would be very grateful. I could go on, but I got to get back to the airport.

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