Companies to Watch: Home Depot


Industry: Home Improvement/Consumer Electronics

Headquarters: Cobb County, Ga.

CEO: Frank Blake

Founded in 1978 by Bernie Marcus, Arthur Blank, Ron Brill and Pat Farrah, Home Depot successfully established itself with its chain of retail hardware superstores. Known for their high ceilings and warehouse-style atmosphere, Home Depot revolutionized the retail hardware industry by offering hardware, lumber, garden supplies and consumer electronics all under one roof.

Home Depot currently employs approximately 317,000 people worldwide.

Home Depot is also famous for helping a significant number of cashiers and other hourly workers develop net worths of over a million dollars with its innovative stock option plan.

The company seemed an unstoppable force in the U.S. hardware industry until competitor Lowes decided to open larger warehouse-style stores of its own. Even with two major players now on the block, Home Depot is still the largest hardware chain in the United States. In addition to their U.S. operations, the company also has stores in Mexico, Canada, China and the United Kingdom.

Currently, Home Depot is looking for warehouse associates, assistant store managers, outside sales consultants, field inspectors, customer service specialists and general warehouse associates.

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I Interviewed at Home Depot

As a former self-employed general contractor in my first year of retirement, I found (like many new retirees) that I still craved the daily routine of getting out of bed and heading off to bring home the bacon. So, I applied at the Home Depot in search of gainful employment.

A Peek Inside Home Depot