FarmVille Valentine Costumes: Dress your avatar as Cupid or a Pink Rabbit

Since Zynga has released a slew of new Valentine's Day decorations in FarmVille, many users began to wonder if we'd soon be able to dress up our in-game avatars in new themed costumes, as well as decorating our farms. We receive our answer this week, as Zynga has released three new Valentine's Day limited edition costumes to the store.

These three costumes actually come in only two varieties - Cupid Costumes, and a Bunny Costume. There is a completely different Cupid Costume available for either boy or girl avatars (the girl costume is a dress with pink wings and red tights, while the boy costume is a white suit with white wings), but both costumes cost the same at 15 Farm Cash each You'll receive 525 experience points for purchasing either one.

The Pink Rabbit costume however, is unisex. While males might scoff at the thought of dressing their avatar as a fluffy pink bunny, I personally think it would be downright adorable. Maybe that's just me though. Regardless, anyone interested can pick up this costume for 10 Farm Cash. You'll receive 350 experience points as a bonus.

All told, these costumes will be available in the game for the next 17 days, bringing us right up to Valentine's Day proper. It's unknown as of now whether or not more costumes will be released in the future, but you'll be the first to know if there are.

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Have you purchased any of these costumes for your FarmVille avatar? Which one interests you the most? Let us know in the comments.
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