FarmVille: Unintentional(?) update brings Red Pagoda and New Year Rabbit to market early

farmville red pagoda
farmville red pagoda

Earlier today, we brought you a sneak peek of some unreleased Chinese New Year items that we believe will be coming to FarmVille in the near future. This afternoon, we've received confirmation that at least two of those items will in fact be released officially, as they have - get this - already appeared in many users' games.

That's right, two particular items - the Red Pagoda, and the New Year Rabbit - have been spotted on many users' farms, at the very back of the Building and Animal tabs of the store. I personally have the Red Pagoda in my own store, and have purchased one of these buildings for myself, confirming that it works. It is available to purchase for 40,000 coins. While you can purchase the building early if you'd like - one word of warning. The building is... well, it's rather blurry, as if Zynga hasn't put all of the finishing touches on it quite yet. This makes sense, as we didn't expect these items to be released until at least next month as part of an eventual Chinese New Year theme in the game. I've added a full-size screenshot of the item on my farm to show you just how big this item is, and its current state.